I'm Mary McDonald-Lewis.

When I go to work, it's fun to guess what I'll be doing that day.

Probably a voice-over job -- I've been a voice actor for years. Maybe as affiliate voice: I've been heard on stations from coast-to-coast. Certainly a dialect coach... I'm always working in film and on stage somewhere. Or directing! There's nothing I'd rather do than make storytelling magic.

So take a look, give a listen, and be in touch. Tomorrow when I go to work, I'd love to be working for you.

Let a superhero speak for you.

I am Lois Lane on Superfriends, Lady Jaye on GI Joe, and dozens more characters on many more shows. My voice-overs are heard on thousands of commercials, promos, and industrials. I'm also the voice of OnStar, General Motors' navigation system, heard in millions of cars... and the proud owner of a fine state-of-the-art studio.

As a superhero I've fought for truth
and justice, rescued those in peril,
and saved the day.

Just imagine what I can do for you.

Let the voice of OnStar drive traffic to your station.

Folks wake up to my TV affiliate voice-overs from sea to shining sea. During the day I guide them to their local news; at night I provide turn-by-turn direction to primetime TV and national news. People count on me, and whether I'm the voice-over inside a GM car telling drivers where to go, or the voice on your station, I give folks info they need, want… and sure like to hear.

Let me send them your way.

Let Twilight's dialect coach breathe life into your show.

From the blockbuster Twilight to TNT's Leverage; theatre's Ragtime to Grey Gardens, I put words in actors' mouths. I coach performers to sound like they are from 1910 New York City; 2010 Northern Ireland; wherever it is teen Vampires come from… and whether Nigerian for one TV show and Chaucerian English for another; on set, on location or via Skype®, my coaching accents the authentic.

Talk to me about your tale, and let me speak for you.

Let a Kennedy Center award- winner take you to a new stage.

As theatre director, I hew to a simple idea: seek the play's heart, and engage actors in a journey to reveal it. I steward with clarity, curiosity, and a devotion to truth; I nurture exploration, and celebrate discovery. On my stage we adventure with respect, dedication, lots of laughter -- and usually, full houses and darn good reviews.

For performer, stage manager, designer, crew, audience: my plays have heart. Let me seek the heart of yours.

Mary McDonald-Lewis


Los Angeles: SBV

New York: Access Talent

Chicago: Grossman & Jack

Seattle: The Actors Group

Portland: Q6 Talent