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Mary McDonald-Lewis directorial photos
A Tale of Two Plays

Every story we tell as directors is unique. Sure, some things don't change from project to project - when I direct, there's always a lot of laughter on my stage. That, and as actors craft and dream their way toward their characters and their place in the world of the play, plentiful exploration and discovery. There's safety, and there's respect: the artistic process is protected, and working conditions for cast and crew are a top priority. There's order, and best of all, a shared understanding of what the story is about... and an eagerness to tell it well.

But every story has its own voice. Finding it, articulating it, and manifesting it is a joyous task. Here are two tales I told, and the paths I took to telling them. I hope the process will tell you a little bit about me.

A Tale of Two Plays - Read my process