Welcome to “Dear Diary”!

Dear Diary,

Today marks the launch of YOU, diary… a place where I’ll share good ideas, bad jokes, great recipes, other people’s poetry and bits and bobs about my life.

And diary, I hope a few friends might stop in every so often to see what I’m up to, and share their own news, too.

Readers, welcome.

And before I go a moment further, a few thanks: to Tim, Keith and the gang at DHX Advertising for their work on the www.marymac.com and the Diary… see their work at dhxadv.com; to Kevin Ginger at KGinger Consulting for his support… look for him at kginger.com; to Owen Carey for making me look so good – check him out at owencareyphoto.com… and to the inimitable Steve Alexander for being the best darn editor and amanuensis a girl could ever ask for.  He’s at redcat.steve@gmail.com

Finally, to Madeline for being Madeline, and to Finnegan and Sullivan for always wagging their tails when I come home.  (That’s Sully in the photo, by the way!)



PS Want to know what I really get up to when I’m working as dialect coach?  Take a look!